Split Shank Engagement Rings


Discover the Buenos Aires collection - the ultimate twin shanks, available in white, yellow and pink gold with a diamond of your choice.

What is a split-shank?

"Split shanks", also called "twin shanks" or "double shanks" are an uncommon setting style for engagement rings, making it the perfect choice for distinctive brides-to-de or for an anniversary gift.

Our collection of split-shank engagement rings has been named after the city of Buenos Aires. The twin shank resembles a dancing couple, passionately embracing a shining diamond. This collection captivates with its outstanding and minimalistic design, whilst giving a hint of the Latin American passion that inspired its form.

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Configure your own split-shank ring!

The split-shank setting of the Buenos Aires rings is available in all 3 gold colors (18K white, pink and yellow) for a variety of diamond shapes:

  • round
  • oval
  • princess-cut
  • and radiant-cut.

At My Diamond Ring, you can configure your own ring by choosing your diamond. We offer more than 5000 diamonds in different qualities and price ranges, in order for you to find the diamond that meets your expectations and budget. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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