Wearing the engagement ring as a wedding band


Can an engagement ring be worn as a wedding band, too?

Sometimes, when you’re truly in love with your engagement ring, adding a wedding band just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Some couples decide on using their engagement rings as wedding bands. This variant makes a lot of sense, especially for couples who have spent a significant amount.

Things to consider:

  • Wedding bands are usually bought together. The spouse then wears the identical ring as a symbol for their love. If the engagement ring is used as a wedding band, however, the spouses won’t be wearing the same ring in most cases.
  • Stacking your engagement ring on top of the wedding band is a nice way to combine both rings. That would not be possible If you have only 1 ring to wear.
  • It is a nice gesture to add more rings to wedding band and engagement rings for important anniversaries, for example the 10thanniversary.
  • Brides-to-be that have an extravagant engagement ring can wear it only for special occasions after the wedding and still wear their sleek wedding band daily.

However, there are some advantages wearing the engagement ring as a wedding band:

Advantages of wearing an engagement ring as a wedding band

  • A higher budget, since you are buying only one ring.
  • Some women find it more practical to wear one ring only.
  • Engagement ring and wedding band do not compete.

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