The difference between engagement ring and wedding band


The engagement ring comes first, the wedding band follows. But what’s the exact difference between those two?

The engagement ring comes first and then follows the wedding band, right? But what’s the exact difference between those two?

Engagement ring: Meaning

In many cultures, women receive engagement rings during the proposal. An engagement ring symbolizes the promise to marry each other. Thus, the engagement ring is the wedding band’s predecessor. In the past, engagement rings were mostly being worn by the brides-to-be. However, more and more men decide to wear an engagement ring, too. Also, an increasing number of women decide to take their chance and propose to their loved one – including a ring. In many cases, a formal proposal doesn’t happen, but the couple decides the engagement together. In this case, engagement rings are still a beautiful symbol of the agreement.

Engagement ring: Typical design

Typically, engagement rings are adorned with one or more diamonds or other gemstones. The best-known design is probably the solitaire: A silver-colored shank (made from silver or white gold) holds a single, sparkling, round diamond. Yet, the possibilities for the design of an engagement ring are endless. Therefore, it is of utter importance to align the engagement ring design with the style of its wearer. Many men struggle with deciding on a design when taking their loved one’s personal style into account. Therefore, it may be advisable to either select the ring together with the future fiancée or to consult an advisor. We at My Diamond Ring have made exactly this problem our mission: On our website, you’ll find extensive assistance that even includes a personality test for finding the right ring for your right one.

Wedding band: Meaning

For many, the exchanging of rings is the most beautiful moment of the wedding ceremony. The tradition’s origin is hard to trace nowadays. According to transmissions, spouses were already wearing rings as a symbol of their love in ancient times. In many cultures and religions, the traditions of wearing (or not wearing) wedding bands differ, but their common meaning is the promise of eternal love and support. Hence, rings can of course also be exchanged if there is no religious ceremony!

Wedding band: Typical design

Wedding bands are often a lot sleeker and more neutral than engagement rings. The main cause for this is that most times, the same ring design is worn by both partners. Whether the rings should be made of platinum, silver, yellow, white or pink gold is fully the couple’s choice. Whether the bride-to-be plans to wear her engagement ring stacked on the wedding band should be considered when selecting the ring.

Engagement ring

  • Usually worn by women only
  • Typically, the ring is adorned with a diamond or other gemstones
  • After the wedding, the engagement ring is often worn stacked on the wedding band

Wedding band

  • Worn by both partners
  • Wedding bands are bought in pairs
  • Mostly, the same ring is worn by both partners