Taking your rock on a plane


Engagement rings and travels by air – can the diamond ring fly with you?

It can be hard to come up with an idea for a creative proposal in day-to-day life. Therefore, many decide to pop the question while on a romantic vacation. Whether on a white sands beach or in the snowy mountains: There are some hurdles to be taken until the big moment.

Transporting the ring unnoticedly

Those who plan to get married usually don’t only plan a holiday together, but also live together: It can be difficult to hide the engagement ring from its future owner until the day you leave for your vacation! Try to think of a secure place for hiding the engagement ring.

Taking a diamond ring on a plane

If you are planning to travel by plane, you should contemplate how to transport the diamond ring. You should never put the engagement ring into your check-in-luggage! By simply putting the ring into your suitcase, you’re taking the risk of it being lost and arriving late. Hence, it’s recommendable to carry the ring with you at all times.

Transporting the engagement ring in your hand luggage

It’s best to store the diamond ring safely in a side pocket of your hand luggage piece. Wearing the ring close to your body is not a good idea unless you’re planning to propose right at the security check: The metal detector would detect the ring and expose you. Of course, the ring will also be detected by the scanner checking your hand luggage. At some airports, the scanner screens can be seen by passengers. To be 100 % sure she doesn’t get a hint, let your loved one go ahead!

Checklist: Transporting your engagement ring on a plane

  • Don’t put the ring in your check-in-luggage
  • Don’t wear the ring on your body at the security check
  • Let your partner go through the security check first to be 100 % sure she can’t detect the ring on the scanner screen
  • Don’t leave your hand luggage out of sight!