The perfect vacation proposal


5 tips on how to plan the perfect vacation proposal, from buying the ring to popping the big question!

It can be hard to come up with an idea for a creative proposal in day-to-day life. Therefore, many decide to pop the question while on a romantic vacation. Whether on a white sands beach or in the snowy mountains: There are some hurdles to be taken until the big moment.

In this article, we'll give you tips on:

  1. How to hide the ring after you buy it
  2. Where to store an engagement ring while traveling by plane
  3. Finding the perfect moment
  4. Vacation proposal ideas
  5. Additional tips

How to Hide the Engagement Ring after You Buy it

Those who want to get married don’t only plan a holiday together, but usually, also live together. Hence, it can be tricky to hide the engagement ring from its future owner!

To make sure that the ring is not found by your partner before the proposal:

  1. If buying your engagement ring online, consider having it ring sent to a friend or family member.
  2. Make sure to hide all signs of your purchase!
  3. Find a secure place for hiding the ring until the big moment comes.

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Where to store an engagement ring while traveling by plane - do and don´t


  • Put your engagement ring into your check-in suitcase! You do not want to take the risk of your luggage - with the engagement ring in it - being lost, or late.
  • Put your engagement ring close to your body. Scans might detect the ring and expose you if you are carrying it into your jeans pocket.


  • Store your ring inside your hand luggage (ideally, in a side pocket!). Even if you are asked to open your hand luggage for a check-up in front of your loved one, you will probably not be asked to open side pockets.

Finding the perfect moment

A romantic vacation is a perfect time for one of the most exciting moments in life: A wedding proposal! But what exact point in time is the right one for the big "yes"?

The perfect timing for a holiday proposal

  • Before leaving, research the most beautiful beaches and romantic restaurants. (Don't forget to make a reservation!) She'll love so much thoughtfulness – that will set the right mood.
  • Make sure to have options: Even on the most precious of days, things can go wrong and moods can be ruined. Don't be too fixated on a certain spot or time – there might be several "right" moments during your vacay! Just have the ring ready and go ahead whenever it feels good.
  • Keep in mind that you might be nervous before asking the question. Very nervous. Therefore, consider proposing within the first days of your vacation – it will make the remaining days even more memorable!

Most popular vacation proposal ideas

  1. Sunset/sunrise proposal at the beach: After dinner, or breakfast take her on a romantic stroll at the beach. She'll expect the big question even less during a sunrise walk!
  2. At the restaurant: Look up the most beautiful restaurants around and make sure to book the best table!
  3. Sight-proposing: If there's a certain place at your destination she's been dying to go to, it might be the one to pop the question!
  4. Breakfast in hotel bed: Treat your future fiancée and surprise her with a lavish breakfast delivered to your hotel room! That'll boost her morning mood and set the right mood for a sparkling dessert.

Additional tips

  • Hire a secret photographer: You'll both love having pictures of this milestone moment! The photographer can perfectly disguise himself as just another tourist.
  • If your future fiancée loves dressing up, she'll probably not want to be sweaty or sandy when she says "yes". In this case, you should rather go for a proposal at a nice dinner than during a hike.

Most important of all:

Make sure to not only get the moment but also the ring engagement right!

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