All about Pink Gold Engagement Rings


Pink gold, also called rosé gold or rosegold is becoming more popular than ever before!

What is Pink gold and how is it made?

Pink gold is a mix of pure gold (yellow by nature) with orangy metals such as copper. Pink gold can be more or less pink depending on the amount of copper added to the mixture.

At My Diamond Ring, our pink gold has a soft and gentle hue of pink to it, to make it perfectly match every skin tone.

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Which gold color is more expensive?

White gold jewelry is normally slightly more expensive than yellow or pink gold jewelry (for the same Karat weight).

However we, at My Diamond Ring, gave all our gold colors the same price.

Is pink gold good for an engagement ring?

Yes! Pink gold is becoming increasingly popular and is a very good choice for engagement rings for various reasons:

  • the presence of copper in the mix makes pink gold extremely durable and less prone to damage from everyday wear than white or yellow gold!
  • it does not require any additional layer of rhodium plating (unlike white gold for example)
  • pink gold does not tarnish with age and gets a unique patina over time
  • it looks great on most people, especially if you have a neutral or warm skin tone
  • it is the perfect choice if you like vintage or boho-inspired engagement rings
  • it makes your diamond appear whiter by contrast!

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Configure your own pink gold engagement ring!

At My Diamond Ring, you can choose your own gold color but not only. We offer you the ability to choose your own diamond, hereby finding a ring that fits your expectations and budget.

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Here are just some of our engagement rings!

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