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All your questions answered: price, size, and much more!

The engagement is one of the most meaningful events in the life of a couple. It's a tradition to treat the future bride to a gift for this occasion. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of eternity. Thus, what would be suited better as an engagement present than a diamond ring?

Yet, the price can be a concern, and the engagement ring hunt is quite a daunting task.

Here is an answer to all the most common questions when it comes to diamond engagement rings!

How much should you spend on a Diamond Engagement Ring?

There is no right answer to this.

In America, the average cost of a diamond engagement ring is $ 5.500, but this does not mean that this is what you should spend.

Actually, depending on the diamond´s size and quality, two very similar-looking rings can have a drastic price difference! This is why we, at My Diamond Ring, offer you the possibility to configure your own engagement ring and choose the diamond that fits your expectations and budget.

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How big should the diamond be?

There is once more, no right answer to this.

For some women, the bigger the better. For others, quality comes first. Depending on a woman´s style and lifestyle, diamond size preferences vary. It also seems to be a cultural difference:

  • In America, a bigger diamond appears to be a must. 1.00 ct is the preferred diamond weight and a bigger size is always welcome.
  • In Europe, most women seem to be comfortable with a 0.50 ct - not too big, but not too small either.

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Can I propose without a ring?

Yes. Although it is considered traditional to propose with an engagement ring, you can propose in any way, shape, or manner that speaks true to you. Sometimes, just the words "will you marry me" will suffice.

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Are diamonds good for engagement rings?

Of course. Diamonds are the symbol "par excellence" of engagement.

But engagement rings can be any ring. They don´t have to be a diamond ring or an expensive ring. The most important aspect is choosing a ring that your partner will like.

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What should I consider before buying an engagement ring?

There is a list of things you can do to make sure you buy the right ring:

  1. Get the style right
  2. Make sure the diamond is certified
  3. Check the guarantees

We recommend - Configure your own engagement ring!

Diamonds are expensive but by configuring your own ring, you can manage your own budget. At My Diamond Ring, we offer more than 5000 diamonds in all sizes and qualities, to allow you finding a ring that meets both your budget and your expectations. Our diamonds are all GIA certified and start as low as € 350.

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