Trilogy engagement rings


Discover our selection of exclusive three-stone engagement rings! Available in 18K white gold, pink gold or yellow gold and with a diamond of your choice.

What is a trilogy engagement ring?

  • R 020 Yellow

    London trinity | round

    from € 2,295
  • What do 3 stone engagement rings mean?

    Three stone rings are rich with symbolism and personal significance. It can represent:

    • the past, present, and future of the relationship
    • the friendship, love, and loyalty partners promise to one another

    This type of ring can also be given on other occasions than for an engagement: perfect as a "push present", there is nothing better than a trilogy ring to symbolize a couple and their firstborn child.

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    Are trilogy engagement rings expensive?


    Trilogy engagement rings feature two relatively big diamonds around the center stone, making this setting style one of the most expensive ones.

    If you wish to obtain a "wow" factor at a lower price, settings set with smaller side stones or full-pavé engagement rings may be a good alternative.

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    Configure your own Trilogy Engagement Ring!

  • R 020 Yellow

    London trinity | round

    from € 2,295
  • R 013 Rose

    Buenos Aires trinity | round

    from € 2,295
  • R 015 Rose

    Monte Carlo tapered | round

    from € 1,295
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