The GIA certificate


Was bedeuten die Angaben auf dem Zertifikat?

What is a GIA certificate?

Diamond certificates issued by the GIA are like a diamond ID: They capture all of the diamond’s unique characteristics. Most importantly, they provide clarification about the diamond’s quality.

The main points covered by the reports are the 4C, a set of criteria that was established by the GIA for the assessment of diamonds.

What are the 4Cs?

How to read a GIA certificate

A GIA certificate includes all the information you need to know about your diamond:

  1. Date of examination
  2. Report Number
  3. Shape and Cutting Style
  4. Measurements (Not to be mistaken for carat weight!)
  5. Carat weight
  6. Color grade
  7. Clarity grade
  8. Cut grade (While shape and cutting style describes the actual appearance a diamond, the cut grade assesses the quality of the cut in more detail, like the arrangement of the facets. The scale ranges from Excellent to Poor.)
  9. Polish (Smoothness of the diamond’s surface)
  10. Symmetry (measures how symmetrical the shape, placement, and alignment of the facets are)
  11. Fluorescence (Assessed under long-wave ultraviolet light and examines how fluorescent a diamond is. 33% of all natural diamonds exhibit fluorescence to a certain degree)
  12. Inscriptions (Texts, symbols, logos, GIA report number inscribed on the diamond’s girdle)
  13. Comments (e.g. detection of a treatment)
  14. Proportion diagram
  15. Plotted diagram
  16. Key to symbols
  17. GIA Color Scale
  18. GIA Clarity Scale
  19. GIA Cut Scale
  20. Security Features (for document authentication)
  21. QR-Code (for verification of the report against the GIA database)

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