Buying an engagement ring online: PROs and CONs


Advantages and disadvantages of buying a diamond engagement ring online

Many hesitate first when it comes to ordering a diamond engagement ring on the Internet. But buying a diamond ring online has many advantages over many ordinary local jewelers.

Disadvantages: Buying a ring online

✘ It is too unsafe to buy something as expensive as a diamond ring online.

When buying a diamond ring online, make sure that both a physical address and independent reviews can be found. Keep paying attention:

  • Diamond certificates
  • Right of return and exchange
  • Price transparency

For more information on how you can be sure to complete a good diamond ring purchase, click here.

✘ A ring purchased online is impersonal.

A widespread concern is that a ring purchased online, which was not selected in a store, is an impersonal choice. However, the exact opposite is true: Online it is possible to personalize a ring from the design of the setting, to the diamond itself, to the engraving. Ring configurators make it possible for you to design a custom-made unique piece.

✘ What if I don't like the ring "in reality"?

It is easier to judge the effect of a ring "in real" in the shop. However, sophisticated product views online come very close to this: Here too, it is possible to view a design in 360° and, in some sense, in enlargement down to the smallest detail. Furthermore, a direct comparison between different gold colours and diamond sizes is possible.

If you want to be absolutely sure, some online jewellers offer to send you a 3D-printed model of your chosen ring. Often there is also the possibility to view the rings in a showroom and then order them online.

✘ I would prefer to be advised personally.

Competent advice on selection and purchase is particularly important to many customers. But a personal conversation is not only possible on site in a shop. Good online jewelers offer personal customer service via e-mail, telephone or chat - without automatic, standardized answers.

✘ What if I no longer need the ring or my fiancée doesn't like it?

The law on online trading stipulates that every order can be returned within 14 days. In addition, My Diamond Ring offers a 30-day return and exchange policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.

✘ What if the ring is too big or too small?

Finding the right ring size in advance is possible with or without the help of the future wearer. (This is how it works) But even if the ring does not fit, this is not a problem: Some online retailers offer a free change of ring size.

✘ It will spoil the surprise when my future fiancée accepts the parcel!

Online retailers for diamond rings are specialists in engagement rings. Therefore your order will usually arrive in a neutral shipping box. You can also coordinate with customer service to have your ring sent to an alternative address (e.g. to family members or friends).

Advantages of ordering an engagement ring online

✓ More choice

At a conventional jeweller's you usually have only a limited selection of rings available. A larger selection is possible online - both for ready-made rings and customizable designs.

✓ Personalization possibilities

Online tools allow you to create a fully personalized diamond ring, custom-made especially for you. This makes it possible to find a ring that perfectly matches its future wearer. Style tests and the assignment of designs to different categories provide assistance in the selection process.

That's how it works: Personalize a diamond ring

✓ Better prices

Extensive design options are the decisive advantage when buying a ring online: It is not only possible to create a fully personalized unique piece, but also to purchase a ring with a larger diamond at a lower price.

The secret behind finding the most beautiful ring exactly in your budget is the so-called 4C. They are the quality criteria of a diamond: Carat (carat weight), Color (hue), Clarity (purity), and Cut (cut). (More about the 4C)

Find out how to find your perfect compromise between the 4Cs and save up to 30%.

✓ Necessary information

An engagement diamond ring is usually bought only once in a lifetime. It is therefore understandable that most buyers do not have a great deal of knowledge about diamonds and are therefore somewhat uncertain before buying. A minimum amount of information not only helps you to feel more secure, but also allows you to get a nicer ring at a better price - see above.

In the Diamond Guide of My Diamond Ring there are some clearly arranged articles that will help you - from the first orientation to detailed information.

✓ Price Transparency

A diamond ring is a significant investment. So I'm sure you'd like to know how much it pays for what. Unlike with "finished" rings, this is exactly what you can do when you buy a ring online. With a ring configurator, you can see the price of the ring itself in the first step, and later, when selecting a diamond, you can see how much it costs.

Orientation guide: How much does a diamond ring cost?

✓ Take your time!

The decision for an engagement ring needs to be well thought out. In the shop, well-trained sales staff will give you the time you need to make your choice. Online, you can examine a ring over and over again and ask for further information until you are completely sure – at your own time and pace.

✓ Flexible advice

Get advice whenever and as often as you like - the personal customer service of My Diamond Ring, for example, is available by phone, e-mail or chat.

✓ Comprehensive guarantees

Not only when buying online you should pay attention to comprehensive guarantees. The lifelong My Diamond ring guarantee ensures you a 30-day right of exchange and return, a free change of ring size, ongoing services and much more.

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