Engagement tips – from real couples.


It's good to know what to keep an eye on and what do avoid, and it's best to know from real couples!

We asked real couples what to look out for in an engagement – from the perfect ring to a romantic proposal. Here are the most common tips:

It's not (only) about the size

"I used to think that the most important thing about a ring is how big the diamond is and that the price is mainly based on that. So I was surprised when I noticed that sometimes two diamonds of the same size cost different amounts! As I did further research, I found out that this is related to quality: There are four characteristics that determine the value of diamonds - and the carat number is only one of them!" - Nico S.

In fact, the quality of diamonds is measured by four main characteristics, the so-called 4C. It is essential to find out about these before buying a ring in order to make a good decision. Here you will find all the necessary information: The 4C - all about quality and value of diamond

The costs – pricing guidelines and how to make the most of your budget

"At first I had no idea what budget I would have to reckon with and how much a diamond ring with, say, one carat would actually cost." - Thomas M.

Before you really start looking, it's worth getting a first overview of how much different types of rings (plain, with diamond pavé, etc.) with diamonds of different quality and size usually cost. Here you will find some orientation guidelines.

"I knew that Sarah absolutely wanted a diamond with one carat. However, most of the rings I looked at in the beginning were unfortunately way too expensive ... a friend of mine then gave me the tip that you can save a lot if you choose the diamond for the ring yourself: It is not necessary to take a diamond that meets the top criteria of all quality characteristics! For example, if the diamond has small impurities, you can't see that with the naked eye. With a few tricks I finally found Sarah's dream ring ... on my budget." - Julius F.

If you choose the diamond for your ring yourself, you can actually save up to 30% compared to "finished" rings. The ring configurator of My Diamond Ring makes this possible: choose a design in the first step and the matching diamond in the second. The prices for ring and diamond are shown separately - so you have full price transparency. All tips and tricks: How to find the perfect ring within your budget.

Find the right style

"Last spring, I decided I finally wanted to propose to Nathalie! Since I had no idea which ring to choose, I decided to ask her best friend if she could give me some tips. She told me that she knows that Nathalie has a whole collection of engagement rings and wedding ideas on Pinterest - I thought that was really cute! In this Pinterest collection I saw that she clearly wanted a simple yellow gold ring with a round diamond. I was so happy that I could be sure she would like the ring! And luckily, Nathalie's friend didn't tell her anything until the engagement." - Erik T.

Don't panic if you are not sure which engagement ring design is the right one! The idea for My Diamond Ring was born out of this very problem. That's why we put great emphasis to style consulting and have assigned our diamond ring designs to different styles.

How to make sure you'll find the right ring:

  • Research: Are there any hints, such as Pinterest boards on engagement and wedding?
  • Be attentive: Does she perhaps already give small hints? Which rings does she point to when you're walking past a jeweller's shop window?
  • Ask friends and family: Sisters, girlfriends or the mother often know which ring your sweetheart wants.
  • Analyze: Which gold color (yellow, white or pink gold) does your girlfriend wear most often? Does she wear sparkling, glamorous jewelry or more classic designs?
  • Take the test: My Diamond Ring has developed a special test to help you find the right design. Click here for the quiz

By the way: Don't worry if she doesn't like the ring after all - here is your emergency guide. With My Diamond Ring you can also return the ring at any time and get your money back.

But if you want to be absolutely sure .....

Select the ring together

"Julia has her own style and loves to spend hours picking out outfits. She also has her very own taste in jewellery. Because I knew how important all this is to her, I didn't want to take the risk that her engagement ring might not be one hundred percent to her liking! So I planned the proposal without the ring. To my relief, she was overjoyed and immediately said 'yes' – and tried to cover up her disappointment about the missing ring. When I explained to her that I wanted her to get her dream ring and therefore be able to choose it herself, she was all the more happy! - Florian W.

"It meant so much to me that Flo knows me so well and knows that I have my very own style! It was really fun to pick out the ring together!" - Julia W.

If you want to be sure that your future wife's ring will please you, you can simply choose it together. This modern variant of ring selection is no less romantic.

Note: Princess Diana also chose her own engagement ring - now world-famous and worn by Kate Middleton.

Ask the experts

"Even after all that research, I was simply not one hundred percent sure that I had chosen a good diamond. That's why I asked the support via e-mail again. The expert said that the diamond I chose had the highest levels of purity and color and was therefore relatively expensive. Together we searched for a diamond that is only a little bit further down on these scales. The differences are not visible without a magnifying glass - but the diamond is much cheaper! - Flavio M.

"We chose the engagement ring together and wanted to be absolutely sure that we had made the right choice. That's why we called customer service while we were choosing it and got help with the selection." - Anna and Henning B.

Let us advise you! A diamond ring is an important purchase - and good advice is part of it. If you have any open questions or would like to check again, please do not hesitate to contact support.

Playing it safe

"Unfortunately, I didn't like the ring I got for the engagement one hundred percent. I was a bit sad about it, but I didn't want to disappoint Philip. Luckily, he said himself that there is the option to exchange the ring without much effort!" - Daria P.

"I was glad that Daria admitted that the ring I had chosen was not quite to her taste. After all, it would be a pity if she wears it every day and doesn't like it - or even worse, if she doesn't want to wear it at all! We simply returned the ring and exchanged it for another one." - Philip P.

When buying a ring, make sure to have return and exchange facilities. That way, they can look forward to the engagement with less anxiety.

"A diamond ring like that costs quite a bit of money. I was reassured to see that I was getting an official certificate for my ring!" - Paolo F.

When buying diamonds, always make sure you have an official certificate issued by an independent institute. The most highly regarded such institute in the world is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). All diamonds in the ring configurator of My Diamond Ring are certified by the GIA.

Further tips

Do you have any other tips and advice that you would like to share with future fiancées? We look forward to receiving your submission to office@mydiamondring.com. Thanks for your help!

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