3 ways to glam up your diamond ring


A diamond ring is an inherently precious and elegant piece of jewelry. If you love maximum glamour, here are 3 ways to make your ring sparkle even more – when choosing a design or with an afterwards add-on!

Whether it's a classic, elegant and minimalistic design or an avant-garde, boho or vintage-inspired look: A diamond ring elevates every outfit and instantly puts a sparkle on both hands and eyes.

However, sometimes it just can't be glamorous enough! Here are a few design twists and extras that will glam up your sparkler even more:

1. Add pavé

Pavé diamond rings are literally "paved" with sparkling brilliants. The ring's shank is set with a row of small, usually round-cut stones, which accentuate the middle stone and give the ring an utterly glamorous appeal.

2. Add a halo

A halo makes a diamond shine in all its glory - and makes it look even bigger than it is! Halo diamond rings feature a hoop of small, round cut diamonds that encircle the center stone. This glamorously emphasizes the sparkle of the diamond.

3. Stack it up

If you usually prefer simpler designs like classic solitaires (with a pure shank and a single diamond), but feel like making your ring sparkle a little more from time to time, you should add a sparkling companion:

So-called memory rings are perfect for stacking with simpler designs. Their name comes from the idea of using diamonds to manifest precious memories of any important event or anniversary. A memory ring is set with diamonds either all around or on the visible surface. Worn with simpler designs, they add that special something with their glamorous appearance!

Glamorous diamond ring designs

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