Stacking engagement ring and wedding band


Many brides want to stack their wedding band and engagement ring. Here's how to do it right.

Many couples wonder what is going to happen to their engagement ring during and after the wedding ceremony. Not wearing the engagement ring after the wedding would be a pity! This is why most women decide to keep on wearing their engagement ring after their wedding – but how and where?

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Wearing the engagement ring “in front” of the wedding band

In Austria, Germany and many other countries, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left and the wedding band on the right hand. On the wedding day or even during the ceremony, though, the engagement ring joins the wedding band on the right hand. It is then put on to the ring finger after the wedding band and sits on top of it. Many brides also follow this order after their wedding day and go on to wear their rings in this order on a daily basis.

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Stack another ring on top of the engagement ring

Especially those who like it sparkly will enjoy adding even more rings to their “stack”: An important anniversary, for example, is a perfect occasion to add one more ring.

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Order: wedding band, engagement ring

In the US, Great Britain, Germany and Austria, for example, rings are stacked in this order:

  1. The engagement ring is worn on the left hand.
  2. The wedding band is slipped onto the right hand.
  3. During or after the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring joins the wedding ring on the right ring finger and is then worn on top of it.

Merge engagement ring and wedding band

If you wear both rings every day, many women have their rings merged together. The piece then still looks like two single rings. In case you’ve decided to get only one ring but like the look of two shanks, you should check out My Diamond Ring’s Buenos Aires Collection!

The wedding bands and engagement rings by My Diamond Ring - another perfect match!

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