The right budget for an engagement ring


How much should I spend on an engagement ring? How much is spent on engagement rings on average?

The search for the perfect diamond ring often starts with the budget. Especially when it comes to engagement rings, many people ask themselves the question:

How much "do I have to" or should I spend on an engagement ring?
How much does a diamond ring with one carat cost?
Is it true that an engagement ring should cost two to three months' salary?

Here we help you to clarify these and other questions and to set your own budget.

The monthly salary myth

In the USA, a little more is generally spent on engagement rings than in Europe. The rule of thumb there is often: the engagement ring should cost two to three full months' salary.

Under no circumstances allow yourself to be influenced by such guidelines: The budget for a diamond ring is an individual decision.

Guidelines for your engagement ring budget

When setting your personal budget, the most important thing is to weigh up the options:

Which ring do you have in mind? - VS. - How much can/do you want to spend?

If you have no idea what kind of ring you can find for what budget, here is our Guide: How much does a diamond ring cost?

The decision for an engagement ring is not only an emotional one, but also a rational one. These guidelines will help you to determine your personal budget:

Your expectations

  • Specific ring: Look around you - what kind of ring do you imagine? Find comparable models and note the prices.
  • Minimum carat size: The size of the diamond is often considered the most important criterion.


  • (Net) monthly salary
  • Savings and other lifestyle

Some more orientation

  • Ask your friends and family
  • Costs per year: An engagement ring should - in addition to the wedding ring - be worn for a lifetime and give pleasure. So it can help to calculate briefly what the "cost per year" for a diamond ring is.
  • Let us advise you: Our team will give you free and non-binding information about the most popular engagement rings and will suggest rings according to your personal ideas. Contact us now

Found your budget? Make the most of it!

P.S.: Engagement ring not valuable enough ?!

What happens if you spend less on the engagement ring that your partner had wished for? First of all, it is very hard for laypeople to assess the value of a diamond ring. The worth of a diamond depends on various criteria. Many people assume that only diamond’s size or carat-size (which actually measures the weight, but is often mistaken for the diameter) is seen as the most important factors. But actually, also a diamonds clarity, color and cut define its quality and hence the value. A small diamond can be a lot more worth than a bigger one! Therefore, it’s necessary to find a trade-off between all of a diamond’s characteristics – and to explain them to the fair lady, if necessary...