The most popular times to get engaged


What's the best time for a romantic marriage proposal?

"Will you marry me?" is one of the most important questions in life. Besides the right ring, the only thing missing is the perfect moment to propose your dreams!

According to a study, most engagements take place in summer or winter. The most popular time is the end of the year: According to the survey, 14% of all proposals are made in December. July and August are in second place with 10% each.

Many of those surveyed got engaged on a special occasion or on holidays that already provide a festive setting for the big question. For your inspiration, we have compiled a list of the best occasions!

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1. Anniversary

Every year many couples celebrate the day they met. A romantic dinner or an day trip is the perfect way to top it off with a very special surprise.

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2. Christmas

The cosy Christmas holidays tune even romance-mufflers festively and slow down the hectic everyday life. The correct framework thus, in order to sweeten this quiet time still further with a marriage proposal!

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3. New Year's Eve

Like New Year's Eve, a proposal of marriage marks the beginning of a new chapter. Sparkling fireworks and champagne that has already been chilled provide an unforgettable backdrop for the proposal.

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4. On vacation

If everyday life does not seem suitable to ask the question of all questions, a vacation together is just the right opportunity. In this article, you will find detailed tips for your holiday proposal!

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5. Birthday

A good tip if you have trouble hiding your excitement from a surprise proposal is a proposal on the birthday of your beloved. Either at a brunch together or in the presence of friends and family - with a proposal you are sure to make her birthday unforgettable!

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