Ideas for the perfect proposal


Sie wissen genau, was Sie tun wollen, aber nicht, wie? Hier finden Sie Ideen für einen unvergesslichen Heiratsantrag.

A wedding proposal is one of the most memorable experiences in the life of a couple. Get inspired by our tips to make sure the moment is unforgettable.

The surprise proposal

Most men would like to surprise their loved one with a proposal. The classic is a ring for dessert – but keep in mind: A proposal during an anniversary dinner, for example, is indeed very romantic, but also foreseeable. How about these ideas:

  • The morning after a (ringless) anniversary dinner, you bring her breakfast to bed – including the special little box.
  • Just like the movies: For a cozy movie night, select a film having the main character go down on one knee in front of his beloved. Just before he pops the question, press pause – and act out the end of the scene yourself.
  • Celebrating every day: One’s love for each other should not only be celebrated on special occasions. On a “normal” day, wait for her to come home – and welcome her with ring and roses.

The holiday proposal

A joint holiday is a perfect proposal occasion. Read here what to keep an eye on when taking the rock on a plane. My Diamond Ring has collected some specific ideas and locations in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations for you. See for example:

The collections of My Diamond Ring were inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful places. Have a look and have them inspire you.

The prepared proposal

You would like to make her one more memorable gift to accompany the engagement ring? Then preparing something creative is a good way to go. This variant is especially suitable in case you expect to be particularly nervous before the proposal.

  • Prepare a little movie with videos of your most beautiful holidays and experiences together. Or maybe you can stage some videos especially for the occasion – have you ever thought about holding a “Marry Me?” sign into a camera while parachute jumping?
  • Create a photo album with your favorite pictures together – and attach the ring to the last page!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt – with the ring box as the treasure.

My Diamond Ring has made it its mission to support couples not only with planning the proposal, but also selecting the right ring: Sometimes, it’s not that easy to find a design matching the future wearer’s style. My Diamond Ring has specialized in finding a solution to this problem.